Woodland Walk

Docklow Pools is set in 120 acres of fabulous Herefordshire countryside. We aren’t all fishing you know…. One of the beautiful features of Docklow is our woodland walk with dances around the perimeter of the farm.

There is 40 or so acres to stroll and venture into. The wood life can be just as impressive. Lots of wonderful birds particular big buzzards floating between trees. Its lovely to see. There are some others secrets which once in a while you see.

Trees too and wild flowers can be found. The Oak trees in “Ruth’s wood” are incredible. They are worth the walk alone. All of them must be 100s of years old, and stand so grand and proud on your way.

For our youngsters joining their guardians, check out our Owl trail – again we wont say too much, but find as many “Owls” on the route as you can, and pop back to the coffee shop to collect your Certificate.

In all there’s nearly a couple of miles to walk from start to finish, but if you want a shorter path then at any time you can always find a way home.

Before you ask, is there a charge for the wood land walk? Its completely free to everyone who supports the coffee shop. To come grab a drink or piece of cake. There’s NO car park charges too. So a splendid country walk in beautiful scenery which will cost you a cup of coffee.

Dogs are allowed but please two things – keep dogs on a lead at all times, and secondly collect any mess. Thanks

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