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The perfect gift

Gift Vouchers ae a great way to thank or present to someone who intends coming to Docklow Pools or the Fishermans Arms.

Our Gift Vouchers are for Docklow Pools Ltd, but be aware they don’t cover the tackle shop (Fishing equipment etc). That is a separate business (Tel 01568760 544)

Otherwise there are two options for you to buy:

1 – Restaurant – Food & Drink in the Fishermans Arms. These are incredibly easy and a big favourite. 

2 – Anything else – Fishing, Memberships, Holidays, & Restaurant, combined. Fill out the details and we’ll be in touch.

Gift vouchers available from £10 to £1000.

Our gift vouchers can be used for:

Fishing – Day tickets or membership or residents permits

Food & Drink – Breakfast, lunches, Evening meals, Drinks and Sunday lunches

Holidays – Short Breaks and holidays


Restaurant Vouchers

Holiday Vouchers

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    Docklow Pools isn’t just a fishing destination, it’s an experience – a harmonious blend of relaxation, dining, and fishing adventure.

    Whether it’s the allure of catching a diverse array of fish, the comforting and diverse accommodation options, or the delectable meals at The Fisherman’s Arms, Docklow Pools promises an unforgettable stay that will beckon you back time and again.

    Experience the perfect trifecta of Eat, Sleep, and Fish only at Docklow Pools, where every visit is a chapter in your adventure book.

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