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Fishing matches

All the fishing at Docklow is run by the tackle shop 01568760 544. 

That includes match availability and booking on etc. Always best to give them a call in the mornings to organise and get the answers you need.

All the matches at Docklow are organised by Docklow. There are no private knock ups. That allows the pleasure anglers, of which that is the majority here to enjoy their time.

From April to Mid-October they are:

1. Saturday – Opens sometimes run on Match Lake too.

2. Members’ fishing match is always 2nd Saturday monthly – so although there is an open numbers may be lower.

3. Sunday – Stock Pool OPEN fishing match – always book in with the shop in advance.

4. Tuesday – Match Lake is for residents only.

5. Wednesday – Snake, silvers match.

6. Thursday – Farmer Jack OPEN.

MATCH Rules 

So if you enjo

This does not interfere with day tickets or pleasure angler’s enjoyment.

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