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The Stock Pond is an old established pond with trees all round. Totally secluded and very picturesque. This was the third pool following the Mickey Mouse & Match lake which was dug all the way back in 1980. The original plan was to be a “stock” lake, but that changed over the years, and its merely Stock now in name only.

A connoisseur’s pool for the angler who enjoys being with nature. There are good Tench in this pool together with roach, Rudd, bream and of course carp.

Stock Pond
Stock Pond

In the autumn of 2021, the Stock Pond was de-silted so the on the surface the pool looks the same but underneath its deeper and cleaner. A regular did actually say “You’ll never make it nice again!”. How wrong he was!

The Stock Pond, a very secret lake hidden behind a wall of trees, good head of carp, some into doubles, also stocked with quality Tench Roach and Chub. The actual match record is an incredible 245lb.

There are 22 pegs with good access. With neighbouring car parking.

Stock Pond

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