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lunch menu

    Sunday Lunch Menu

    Sit back, unwind, relax, and enjoy todays superb Sunday Lunch. Drinks can be ordered from your server or from the bar. Our Mains are served from our carvery pass. Your server will invite you to come up to the pass.

    1 Course £15.95   | Puddings £7


    Beef, Lamb, Pork or Turkey.

    With all the trimmings

    Served from our carvery

    Fresh vegetables self-served from the pass

    Vegetarian & vegan alternatives are available

    Children's Sunday Menu

    Children’s carvery available only for children 10 years old or younger

    Kids 1 Course Carvery


    Kids 2 Course Carvery

    With ice cream

    Kids 2 Course Carvery

    With chocolate Fudge Cake and Ice cream


    Additions or deviations are changed at 75p for extra ice cream, custard and cream

    Banoffee Pie



    £7.00 Each

    Very Important

    Do please let your server know of any allergies that may affect your health or dining experience.

    Opening Hours

    Sunday: 8am – 11pm (Carvery Midday to 8pm)

    Monday: 8am – 2pm / 5pm – 11pm 

    Tuesday: 8am – 2pm / 5pm – 11pm 

    Wednesday: 8am – 2pm / 5pm – 11pm 

    Thursday: 8am – 3pm / 4pm – 11pm 

    Friday: 8am – 11pm

    Saturday: 8am – 11pm

    Breakfast 8am to 11.30am with exception of Sunday which is 10am