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The best baits to use are: luncheon meat, sweet corn, maggots, caster and worm.

Our staff who bailiff the pools are here to help and will check randomly rigs and bait. For help and advice call the shop on 01568 760 544.

Fishing Rules are written by tackle shop – call 01568 760544 for clarity or any queries



  • Fishery Feed pellets only
  • You can use your own hook pellet.
  • No cat meat, nuts or paste
  • No Ground bait or Method Mix on the lakes. (Can use a method feeder but not load it with ground bait)


  • Permitted baits: Sweetcorn, Luncheon Meat, Maggot, Castor, Worm, Hemp, and Docklow Fishery pellet & Docklow Fishery Paste (you can use your own pellet or boilie as a hook bait only).
  • You may use bread as a hook bait only from 30st Sept to 31st March.
  • No surface baits or artificial baits.
  • No dusting, powered additives, soil or ground bait.
  • Barbless hooks only.
  • Minimum 2 keep nets (1 of which is for silver fish only).
  • 60lb net limit – weight over 60lb will be taken off. (Applied to ALL nets).
  • All nets must be laid out dry on the bank until 15 minutes before match starts.
  • All fish over 4″ must be landed using a landing net.
  • No dropping or throwing fish into your keepnet.
  • 16m pole limit = no floating pole.
  • All pole rigs must have float attached.
  • No overshotted floats.
  • No fixed leads or feeders, no elasticated feeders of any kind.
  • Minimum 4” hook-length to be used with method/pellet/block end feeders.
  • No pole cup feeding while using a rod at the same time.
  • Your platform , seat box or chair must touch the concrete surface or your peg, No “oil rigging”. No standing on your box.
  • The area of your peg is halfway between your peg and the anglers beside you.
  • No gardening. You may clear loose debris, sticks etc using your landing net (no rakes).
  • Respectful weighing. No rolling or tipping fish


  • No keep Nets (apart from matches)
  • Barbless hooks only
  • No elasticated feeders or fixed rigs
  • Surface fishing with a pole or “zig rig” only
  • No fishing multiple pegs at the same time.
  • No Cat Meat, Groundbait or Nuts.
  • Fishery Feed Pellet Only.
  • No Braid of any kind.
  • Please keep vehicles off the grass at all times.
  • Please keep your membership card on you at all times.
  • Landing net must be used on all fish over 4″.


  • Call 01568 760 544 Tackle shop for clarity
  • £60 ticket covers Major Bill only (change for 2022)
  • Anglers wishing to fish other lakes need to buy another ticket – either weekly or daily
  • Even if only want to fish the Major Bill for a day the fee is £60 ticket.
  • Private lake for Major Bill members & residents who have bought a weekly ticket only.
  • 7-acre Lake. 16 Pegs available –
  • Residents must pay their £60 before arrival to guarantee a peg
  • No match tackle i.e., poles, match rods etc. Or air guns
  • Barbless hooks only
  • No Nuts
  • No fixed rigs.
  • No use of sacks or nets to retain fish
  • No leaving during darkness
  • Fluro-carbon, mono or coated hook lengths only
  • Bivvies’ should be attended. No reserving pegs.
  • No live baiting or removal of any fish.
  • Any Pellet allowed on the Major Bill.
  • Minimum 42” landing net without exception because of the size of the fish
  • Unhooking mats – Must be large enough to deal with big Catfish, and preferably of the poly ball variety.
  • Maximum of 3 rods total.



There is a nice mixture of barbel fishing and grayling trotting style. All are private and in beautiful peaceful countryside. The cost is included in your weekly ticket so there isn’t anything more to pay too.

There is no Day ticket option. It’s residents or members only. For membership details contact the tackle shop on 01568 760544.

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