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Docklow Pools Private River Stretches


Docklow Pools is the oldest commercial fishery in the UK surrounded by rivers.

We have over the years purchased stretches of rivers across the county so our customers can enjoy a different experience than staying on site.

Fishing in rivers can be enjoyable for a number of reasons.

From catching fish of course to being at one with the countryside.

Our river stretches are for members of Docklow Pools or residents of Docklow Pools.

There is no day tickets.

To join the membership call 01568 760 544 which is the tackle shop.


All the stretches are strimmed out pegs in June ready for new season. Some pegs are difficult to get to, and most pegs involve a walk

Over a mile of private River Wye. Parking is within the English Heritage Rotherwas Chapel car park. There is a walk to the first peg, and there after you have equal distance up & down stream to enjoy. There are beaches to use and some trickier pegs if you want them. The Wye at Rotherwas hosts the large island, which allows the river to run fast around the south side, making it fabulous for trotting. Lots of eye watering catches reported from Rotherwas, including large carp, pike, Salmon, Perch, lots of chub and of course barbel. It’s a beautiful stretch, and we keep it that way by having the right people use it.
In deepest Herefordshire, not far from Bridge Sollars you’ll find another Docklow Pools river stretch, at Lulham. This is a bit of secret. For most this is the finest stretch because its so quiet and apart from the odd person paddling down the river, you are in for nothing but peace & quiet. Car parking is really easy because this time its bankside. You’ll need to drive across a field which if the weather isn’t clever might not be a good idea, but overall it’s a peace of cake. Immediately there is a smart ramp down from the car to the first pegs which would accommodate 4 anglers without sweat. The water here is slow and deep, but it still produces barbel and chub. The pegs between the ramp and the woods are tricky, but regulars swear by them. It would take two people to pass tackle down. The woods at the bottom are the 2nd best pegs for access. Can still catch people out but the fish aren’t always in the easiest pegs.

Our own piece of Worcestershire river fishing. In fact for those joining us from the motorway to holiday with us you’ll probably pass it on the way through.

Parking is in our own field so good access to the water down a flight of steps.

This is a beautiful piece of river but over the years has become more difficult to use. We own the fishing rights but not the land.

If you’re a chest wading style angler this would suit perfectly.

  • Rivers aren’t on site at Docklow.
  • They are privately owned stretches which are 20+ minutes away.
  • Some River stretches have limited pegs
  • River stretches have some easy access pegs, and some difficult access pegs.
  • There are no dug out pegs or concrete platforms.
  • Rotherwas stretch has a ten minute walk from car park to the nearest peg.
  • Docklow river stretches are unsuitable for anyone who doesn’t want to walk far.
  • Rivers can be dangerous – anglers fish at their own risk.
  • The river stretches are an add on to the lakes.
  • We believe the river stretches to be fabulous and highly enjoyable. But if you’re looking for perfection this might not be for you.
  • No day tickets available
  • All anglers and visitors to the river must book in with the tackle shop – 01568 760544

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