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We have 11 well established pools all very picturesque and mature.

The largest is the Major Bill which is 7 acres. Plus 4 private river fishing on local rivers such as the River Wye, Teme & Lugg.

All the lakes are available for our residents to enjoy.

With so much water, there is a fishing style for most anglers. From pole to river trotting.

Our biggest fish caught was a 67lb catfish, from the Major Bill. Carp in other lakes go to doubles and maybe early 20’s.

One thing we are famous for is the variety of fish in all the lakes. The float goes under and it could be anything. It’s far from carp, carp and more carp.

All the pools have great access and parking.

All are close to accommodation too.

At Docklow Pools, we’re committed to ensuring a fantastic and sustainable fishing experience for everyone. Our fishing rules are crafted to maintain the health and abundance of our aquatic life and to offer an enjoyable, fair environment for all anglers. From specific guidelines on bait and tackle usage to catch-and-release policies, these rules are designed for the preservation of our diverse fish populations and the natural beauty of our waters. We encourage all visitors to familiarise themselves with these regulations to help us uphold the high standards of fishing Docklow Pools is renowned for.

Become a part of the Docklow Pools family with our exclusive membership options. Our memberships offer anglers a special opportunity to immerse themselves in the Docklow experience, granting access to our stunning private lakes and rivers. Tailored for the passionate angler, memberships provide various benefits, including fishing rights, discounts, and more. We offer different tiers to suit your fishing preferences and frequency, ensuring every member finds their perfect fit. Join us and enjoy the privileges of being a Docklow Pools member, where every visit is a new adventure

Step into our Tackle Shop at Docklow Pools, a treasure trove for fishing enthusiasts. Stocked with everything from expert gear to essential supplies, our shop caters to all your fishing needs. Whether you’re a beginner seeking advice or an experienced angler looking for specialised equipment, our friendly staff are on hand to assist. The Tackle Shop is more than just a store; it’s a hub of knowledge, tips, and community, where stories are shared and fishing journeys begin.

Docklow Pools is not just a fishing venue; it’s a place of legends and records. Over the years, our waters have witnessed remarkable catches, from the colossal 67lb catfish in Major Bill to the impressive carp across our lakes. These records are a testament to the rich aquatic life and the exceptional fishing experience Docklow offers. Each catch has its own story, contributing to the lore of Docklow Pools, where every angler has the chance to make their mark in our history of fishing feats.

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