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holiday protection

Holiday customers have the reassurance to protect their holiday should you need to change or cancel even at last minute notice.

We have found in recent years, there have been many issues where customers have had to cancel through no fault of their own.

With this protection customers have peace of mind that should something unexpected come up, the holiday can either be moved to another date, or in the sad event of death the monies will be refunded in full.

A lot of holiday companies run with a “cancellable” rate, and this is intended to be similar. The difference being, is considerably cheaper than elsewhere. The protection is £25 per specific holiday.

Holidays without this protection will follow the standard Docklow Pools Terms and Conditions which are issued from booking outset.

An annual £100+ vat is available for customers with multiple holidays.

If you’d like to protect your holiday, please ensure you apply and pay when you organise the holiday deposit.

holiday protection

terms & conditions

  • Customers have the option to purchase the protection within 7 days of bookings.
  • It is unavailable to purchase thereafter after the 7 days has lapsed.
  • Specific customer names are required.
  • In the event of a claim the specified holiday can be moved to a later date for the same value.
  • Specific dates and properties in future years cannot be guaranteed.
  • Refunds will only apply in the sad event of death.
  • In the event of customers sharing, should one party still attend their holiday, the protection will not be paid. E.g 2 customers sharing a cottage, 1 cannot make it because of illness yet the other member still wants to come, because the cottage is being used there is no protection. Should the cottage become unattended and not needed, then the protection will pay out.
  • Upon unique circumstances other than death where a refund is the best for all parties we may consider a refund, providing this cover is in place.
  • The holiday invoice must show specifically the holiday is covered for this protection
  • The protection cover cannot be transferred.
  • The protection cannot be refunded after 7 days of purchase.
  • There are no health or age restrictions. All specified customers are covered.
  • The annual protection runs 1st January to 31st December
  • The protection covers Docklow Pools holidays only – doesn’t cover long leases

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