Docklow Pools is home to a variety of picturesque fishing lakes & private river stretches for all types of angler.

Whether its pole fishing for silvers, rod fishing for carp or trying to hook into a giant on the Major Bill, we are sure you will find what you are looking for at Docklow Pools.

We are also proud to offer fishing on the river Wye, river Teme and river Lugg along four private stretches that we can offer across the county. All this private fishing is not on site at Docklow, it’s a car journey away.

There is a nice mixture of barbel fishing and grayling trotting style. All are private and in beautiful peaceful countryside. The cost is included in your weekly ticket so there isn’t anything more to pay too.

There is no Day ticket option. Its residents or Members (Membership details contact the tackle shop on 01568 760544)

Immediately we will explain if you are after concrete platforms and easy access then Docklow River stretches are not suitable for you.

All the stretches are strimmed out pegs in June ready for new season. Some pegs are difficult to get to, and most pegs involve a walk

Rivers are:

The Wye at Rotherwas

  • Approximate 19 miles away – 20 to 30 minutes in a car
  • Our best by far, renowned by locals as a prolific stretch of river for everything – barbel, chub, bream and pike.
  • About 19 miles Nearly two miles long.
  • Private parking & walk to nearest peg is 10 minutes.
  • Deep water to the left of island and upstream and beaches downstream.
  • Great for feeder fishing or trotting.

The Wye at Bridge Sollars (Lulham)

  • Approximate 19 miles away – 20 to 30 minutes in a car
  • A 1500-meter private piece of water between Hay on Wye & Hereford.
  • Parking is river side more or less after driving across a field.
  • Has a couple of easy comfortable pegs and but most difficult.
  • Produces some big fish here! 20 minutes away by car.
  • Winter time, the Pike fishing is superb, with plenty of recorded 25lb+ monsters.

The River Teme at Broadwas

  • Approximate 14 miles away – 20 minutes to drive
  • Considered by some as our best stretch, as it’s easy to get to, park and fish.
  • There are 6 pegs. 2 considered easy, and the rest may be tricky.
  • We own the field so cars can get close to the river.
  • The Teme feeds in to the River Severn close by. It produces, Barbel, Perch, Trout, Dace, Perch, Roach and big Chub.

The River Lugg at Bodenham

  • 6 miles away 15 minutes away by car.
  • Easy parking – leaving car in a field.
  • Fishing style is chest waders walking down the river. Climbing a style to gain access.
  • Trotting river with some barbel, although grayling fishing is probably its greatest strength feature.

Important information to manage expectations:

  • Rivers aren’t on site at Docklow.
  • They are privately owned stretches which are 20+ minutes away.
  • Some River stretches have limited pegs
  • River stretches have some easy access pegs, and some difficult access pegs.
  • There are no dug out pegs or concrete platforms.
  • Rotherwas stretch has a ten minute walk from car park to the nearest peg.
  • Docklow river stretches are unsuitable for anyone who doesn’t want to walk far.
  • Rivers can be dangerous - anglers fish at their own risk.
  • The river stretches are an add on to the lakes.
  • We believe the river stretches to be fabulous and highly enjoyable. But if you’re looking for perfection this might not be for you.
  • No day tickets available
  • All anglers and visitors to the river must book in with the tackle shop – 01568 760544

River Wye

Rotherwas. Top Beat. Barbel

River Wye

Chapel. Top Beat. Barbel

River Wye

Chapel. Top Beat. Champion Bream

River Wye

Chapel. Bottom Beat. Beach

River Wye

Chapel. Island Beat. 17lb Carp

River Lugg


River Teme


River Wye


River Teme


Docklow Pools Map

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