Stock Pond


Residents and member venues. Stock pool, a very secret lake hidden behind a wall of trees, good head of carp, some to 20lbs, also stocked with quality Tench Roach and Chub. Match record 245lb

An old established pond with trees all round. Totally secluded and very picturesque. This is a member/residents pool open to float anglers only. Although there is an Open match on the Stock Pool every Sunday in season (important to book in). This was the third pool following the Mickey Mouse & Match lake, which now is over 30 years old.

A connoisseur’s pool for the angler who enjoys being with nature. There are good tench in this pool together with roach, rudd, bream and of course carp that run to 20 lbs.

After the improvements – The fantastic & Beautiful Stock Pool

A regular did actually say “You’ll never make it nice again!”. How wrong he was!

Preston sponsored, 1st class angler and super chap, Lee Kerry in the Drennan final held on the Stock pool October 2011.

Drennan Champion 2011 and top man, Gary Miller’s 1st day haul on the Stock Pool in five hours. Fishing short. 120lb+ not bad for autumn!

November 2009 – Transforming our old favourite pool.

Docklow Pools Map

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