Moby Dick

35 pegs


Beautifully set amid tree lined banks. Gear up for the big carp! 35 pegs. 3 Islands. Methods - Pole, Waggler, Feeder. Great pool for the pleasure angler or beginner.

Stocked with Carp (to 20lbs) Bream, Chub, Barbel, Roach, and Rudd. Considered by the late Kevin Green to be the best Silvers lake in the country.

Along with the Mickey Mouse & the Figure of Eight lakes the Moby Dick lake is a day ticket pool for everyone to enjoy.

This is Docklow’s 4th lake, coming on board mid 80’s.

Beautifully set amid tree lined banks. Gear up for the big carp! Offering 35 pegs with 3 islands on the water. Again pole, waggler, feeder, ledger will catch fish, along with floating bread.

Great pool for the pleasure angler and beginner. Stocked with carp (over 20 lbs) bream, chub, barbel, roach and rudd.

  • Who can fish this pool? Day tickets, Members and Residents with weekly tickets
  • How many pegs? 35 pegs
  • Are there matches on this lake? No. Very unusual (plenty of notice if used out of season)
  • Rules? Yes of course. Fishery rules apply including no night fishing.
  • Stocked with? Carp. Roach, Rudd, Barbel, Chub, Ide, Tench, Bream, Perch and odd eel
  • Carp up to? Record is 26lbs
  • Good access and car parking? Yes car parking and good access

Originally the “Moby” was the specimen lake and has been part of the family since 1984. At that stage it was called the “doubles pool“, because it was stocked with a large number of double figured carp.

Whilst there are plenty of carp to be had, the roach in there and over the years in fact all silvers have really taken off. Its now regarded by some as the best silvers lake in the country. All the fish in the lakes are in good condition, yet add that to catch some special fish of roach up to 2lb and you know you’re onto a winner.

In the past Matt Hayes, Kevin Green (editor of improve your coarse fishing), Lee Edwards, Grant Albert, Des Shipp amongst others have all enjoyed great days on the Moby!

Last summer, regular to Docklow, Johnny Evans caught a 26lb common carp on a pole from his regular middle island peg. Regularly doubles are coming out. Add that to the quality silvers it makes a cracking fishing lake for day tickets and guests.

Docklow Pools Map

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