River Lugg Fishing

For a very long time we’ve been seeking a perfect stretch of grayling type river fishing close to Docklow, mostly to run a float through. Delighted to confirm that in July 2016, we acquired a private stretch of the beautiful river Lugg.


It has lots of benefits:

  • First one is that its less than 10 minutes drive away in the quiet village of Bodenham
  • It has its own secure parking
  • Its 100% private for Docklow members & residents only
  • The countryside is lovely
  • Access/pegs are good, in fact brilliant in places.
  • Species include – Grayling, Chub, Roach, Trout & Dace
  • Perfect for trotting

To fish the Docklow Pools stretch of the Lugg, an angler needs to become a member of stay with us on holiday

Lugg 1