River Wye Fishing

There are two fabulous Wye stretches to choose from now at Docklow – These are purely for residents and members. There are no day tickets or matches on our rivers.


Rob Wootton Rotherwas Wye stretch

On the 29th March 2011, we’ve purchased an additional stretch of the River Wye to support the first piece up at Bridge Sollars.

So now we’re able to boast stretches on the River Teme & River Lugg, but also brilliant river fishing North and South of Hereford on the beautiful and prolific River Wye.


Rob Wootton Rotherwas Wye Stretch September 2016 Comfortable, beautiful and prolific swims



These two fantastic, prolific and beautiful parts of River Wye are here just for you!

Its soul purpose or purchase if you like is for Docklow anglers to come and enjoy….and we know you will.

We are asked regularly about the river fishing questions like:

how far are they away? what are the banks like? is it far from the car? is there many pegs?” that sort of thing. The good news to answer that type of question is…. “Yes” its brilliant fishing, beautiful countryside and good access in most places.

Wye & Rotherwas Chapel


To testify have a look at the video on our home page as that aerially fly’s over the Rotherwas stretch.

  • Parking? – Yes at Lulham & Rotherwas
  • Private to Docklow only? Day Tickets? – 100% Docklow only. No Day tickets or matches
  • How far do I have to carry my kit at Rotherwas? It has been timed at 6 minutes to nearest peg from car. Furthest peg is possibly 1/2 hour… but it is 2 miles long
  • How far do I have to carry my kit at Lulham? One minute. There are pegs right by the car park area.
  • What is access like? Brilliant at Rotherwas. Lulham has 3 easy pegs to start, the end of the stretch has some steep pegs but they do produce
  • What can I expect at Lulham? its a slower stretch than the one downstream, yet it produces big chub, barbel and really big pike
  • And Rotherwas? the jewel in our river crown. this has everything. Big barbel, chub and pike. But also big perch, huge bream and double figured carp! It has lots more too
  • How far are they from Docklow? – both are conservatively half an hour. Less than 20 miles away. We are the oldest commercial in the country that has bought various river stretches across the county to compliment the pools experience
  • I am Disabled or limited mobility, what is it like? In honesty, they are conventional Speight rivers so they aren’t anything like a commercial lake would be. Anglers need to be realistic about their own limitations. We want to see everyone enjoy the countryside, but be safe and sensible at the same time. There are a lot of beaches and easy pegs, and there are some “pass down” pegs too. (A lot of photos show retired customers who don’t like tricky swims). Its a river at the end of the day, but to be sure before you book talk to Jonathan or Simon (only these 2) for a straight talking conversation
  • Tactic suggestions? Can trot, use a feeder or even fly fish depending on your fancy or what youre aiming for. Its so good, even Rob Wootton came and did a “Pole” feature for his magazine in October 2016
  • How do I become a member? Speak to the tackle shop (01568760544) or refer to membership page on website
  • Main rules? barbless hooks. No bait restrictions on rivers



Down stream of the island @ Rotherwas. River Wye


Dave Harrell River Wye

In season (June 16th onwards), the River Wye fishing is now one of the most sort after rivers in the country, taking over from the Severn and Avon.

Both Rotherwas and Lulham have been excellent for barbel. Lots of them, great condition and good sizes too. The one thing we wont apologies for is the fight they give…..so many anglers have said afterwards that a Wye barbel are so strong and the resistance is incredible.

Of course there are some monstrous Pike too. Largest known on our stretches is 30lb+. Best results are autumn or winter….give us a call wye

Bream Wye

Massive double figure bream


Barbel from Rotherwas

Phil with a 9lb Wye Barbel 5 Dec 2015










Pike – Rotherwas 2012

Mike with a Wye double









  Rob Wootton Pole fishing magazine River Wye

Neil from Chester with a Wye Barbel. 24th October 2018

Steve from Chester with a nice 9lb Barbel. 24th October 2018