River Teme

Docklow Pools boasts six stretches of river near to Docklow itself. The Teme is an old favourite. It boasts wonderful catches, to compliment the beautiful peaceful surroundings.

Teme Barbel

Broadwas – September 2016

We have two stretches of River Teme. Two miles of Teme at Tenbury Wells. And a new fantastic piece of water near Broadwas, just 14 miles from HR6 0RU.


Broadwas – October 2016

Has any other fishery got all this?


Its been acquired in September 2016, yet already even novice anglers have been reporting back catches of barbell & chub.


Broadwas – Easy beaches

The Teme at Broadwas, has its own parking literally water side, as we own the field too, plus the peg are mostly beaches. So its comfort, easy to get to but as important its got plenty of superb fish there! what more could anyone want?


John from the shop with one of a number of barbel.

To fish the river stretches at Docklow – you’ll need to be a member (see membership page) or a resident. There are no matches or day tickets for the rivers

River Teme @ Tenbury Wells

For a change of scenery residents and members of Docklow can also two private stretches (in one) of the River Teme at Tenbury Wells.

A car park has been made very close to the river to minimise walking . Docklow Pools has nearly 2 miles of river Teme fishing, down stream from Tenbury Wells, on the opposite bank to the Peacock Inn waters which are well known with anglers from days of old. Each year we cut out, 6 to 10 ideal swims down stream from the car park to assist.

Its a popular choice for wading, and trotting. Its a narrow Speight river. Its banks can be a bit wild and steep – but when you’re in and comfortable its idyllic. There are plenty of spots and swims to have a go at, so dont be put off, just manage your own expectations.

The River Teme offers excellent fishing barbel, chub, bream and grayling.

Tenbury Wells Mike with a lovely barbel

Tenbury Wells – River Teme

The rivers at Docklow Pools are available for residents and members only – there is no match or day ticket facility