Day Ticket Information

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Mickey Mouse lake (This was for a Pole Fishing magazine April 2016) – Keep Nets are not allowed


Day Tickets prices are £6 per day including VAT for one single rod. For two rods its £7 per day. These prices apply to day tickets purchased from our superb Tackle shop (Tel: 01568 760544). Shop opens 8am daily. Closes 5pm everyday except Sunday which is 1pm. * Please note – For day tickets who choose not to buy a ticket from the shop, price will be double if purchased from bailiffs on the bank. Our bailiffs will always charge this without exceptions The Rivers are available for Residents and Members only. Again they are not available on a day ticket or as a guest for a member.

General information

Of our nine fantastic and beautiful lakes, three are available for day ticket fishing. Our other lakes are for residents and members and occcasional club matches which are prebooked. Docklow Pools is possibly the oldest fishery in the country, starting trading day ticket fishing since 1972.

The lakes are general coarse fishing, stocked with carp up to 20lbs, tench, roach, rudd, barbel, chub, perch, bream and the odd eel.

Day tickets are able to fish the:

  • Mickey Mouse
  • Moby Dick
  • Figure of Eight

Please note Day tickets can not fish any other lake including our Rivers,Major Bill and Match Lakes. Membership is available if you are fishing regularly here and known to Docklow staff, at just £70 (£50 for seniors) including VAT, fishing then as often as one likes on the syndicate waters.

As its a day ticket water, there is no need to book or reserve. Its 1st come 1st served. Our guests and members can fish day ticket waters too. We believe these three lakes are superb for a days quality fishing and that’s shared by hundreds of anglers and high profile Fishing journalists across the country.

“Be sure of a bite” – Our bar and restaurant is available after a hard days fishing lunchtimes and evenings. Breakfasts available also (call 01568760256 to book if required)

We look forward to seeing you and enjoy our fantastic fishery


  • Regardless or nationality all anglers must have read and understood the rules. Any questions please ask for clarifaction in our tackle shop
  • Thieves will be prosecuted – Police will be called
  • No night fishing – opening hours 7am to 8pm in the summer.
  • Paying anglers are welcome to bring one guest per fisherperson. No large groups. Spectator tickets £5. Ask for details
  • Children under 16 years old must be accompanied with one adult per child
  • Litter louts will be banned indefinately. We know who they are as so many members and staff walk the pools daily. Is it worth taking a chance being banned for life?
  • Users of Barbed hooks will also be banned
  • Bait Bans – No Ground bait.  Boilees are allowed. No paste. No dog/cat food such as “kitty kat”. No blood worm or Joker (this rule is only there for matches back in the 70s really)
  • Surface fishing is with a running lead only. No controller floats or free lining
  • No braided main line or Hook lengths
  • No Keep nets
  • All anglers must have a landing net. Must be used for all fish over 4oz
  • Dry or wet rags are not to used to touch our fish
  • Cars must be left in the car park
  • Dogs – No yappy or aggressive dogs allowed. All dogs must be kept on a lead at all times
  • No shouting across the pool. Keep noise to a sensible limit including bite alarms and sport radio. Bad language not tolerated.


Mickey Mouse 8lb 2016

Keep nets aren’t allowed normally