The Rules – Explainned…

No ground bait ?

  • Firstly we’re no saying it’s the main cause of disease, but consider it to be co-incidental that lakes that do allow grounbait have had a problem in the past. as a still water we’d prefer to stick to traditional baits
  • Additionally we believe you don’t need it, especially when the five traditional baits are so effective at Docklow, why take the risk? the five best baits are sweetcorn, meat, maggots, caster and worm
  • In still waters, such as pools, groundbait can stagnate a pool in our opinion and change the colour of the water. pellet & groundbait can take out the disolved oxygen from the water, which is what fish breath.
  • Big fish such as cat fish could it be argued pick up a method feeder, which of course is cruel
  • Pellets and groundbait are allowed on the rivers as this is a running water source

Floating Baits

  • You can fish FLOATING bait (pleasure fishing) either on a pole or by rod using a “zig-rig”.
  • One cant fish direct, even with a controller float using a rod
  • A zig rig is a running lead which sits on the bottom of the lake allowing the floating bait to rise to the surface. upon striking when the fish takes the bait the strike is into the lead weight, not the fishes mouth, thus keeping the condition of the fish intact.
  • Controller floats arent allowed for this reason
  • By fishing with a zig rig or pole its intended to keep the fish to a good condition and eliminate bad mouths

Landing fish over 4oz

  • No brainer really. swinging fish in without a NET to hand is cruel and damages their mouths. Takes seconds to use a net anyway


  • Rips fishes mouths and faces. very cruel in our opinion is not allowed on the lakes here
  • Again not necessary. appropriate if fishing for sharks, but totally inappropriate for coarse fishing

Barbed hooks

  • Again this is an easy one to answer. barbed hooks can damage fish and even kill fish if swallowed

Night Fishing

  • We allow night fishing on our specimen for agreed anglers
  • Night fishing on our other lakes is a no go because of the suggestion of poaching. thieves will prosecuted

Bolt rigging

  • Easy one here. If the angler becomes broke up and the lead weight is bolted at both ends, then the poor fish could be dragging a heavy lead weight about. naturally if it’s a running lead then that wont happen

42” landing net to be used on the major bill

  • If and when you catch a massive cat fish maybe 70lbs a standard net isnt going work. say no more

Car left in the park

  • Eliminates the suggestion of poaching firstly
  • Secondly looks terribly ugly around the lakes

Introducing Pellets ?

  • Using Pellets has been introduced to Docklow Pools from 1st January 2012. Couldn’t use them before.
  • We allow any hook pellet so that speaks for itself. Quite simple. Any pellet on the hook is acceptable. Its loose feed thats the key rule
  • A lot of anglers like fishing pellet, yet we’ve been reluctant as belief some baits of this kind can do damage to the water. So Simon has carefully studied whats best for the fish, our business and as importantly the anglers who fish here.
  • All loose feed pellets need to be 100% purchased from Docklow Tackle shop. No alternatives. Its not for sales, but controls the volume of what is fed so the pools stay healthy and the business will be here for years to come