Fishery Rules

The best baits to use are: luncheon meat, sweet corn, maggots, caster and worm
Our staff who bailiff the pools are here to help and will check randomly rigs and bait. For help and advice call the shop on 01568760 544

Rules for 2012 – Docklow Membership (all pools apart from Major Bill)

  • No Ground bait, Paste, Cat food / Dog meat.  No Method mix
  • Reintroduced for 2012 – Hemp & Pellets purchased from the Docklow Tackle shop are allowed for loose feed only (You can use your own hook pellets but not as loose feeding). No other pellets or hemp are allowed on the pools.
  • No Partical Baits – Sweetcorn and Hemp only exceptions. No nuts etc
  • No elasticated feeders
  • Please Act as Bailiff if the need arises, and report all issues to the shop immediately.
  • All surface fishing using a rod and line must be done using a free running ledger or bomb. No exceptions or direct surface fishing i.e. No bubble floats, controllers or free lining. Surface fishing with a pole is allowed. (Floating baits are not allowed in matches at Docklow from May 2014)
  • All bombs, ledgers and swim feeders must be free-running style, not fixed.
  • No braided main line or hook lengths
  • Barbless hooks only on all lakes and river stretches. No exceptions. No Pinched barbs. Bailiffs check with “rag” test. If it catches in the rag it’s not barbless.
  • No touching fish with rags. Wet or Dry rags unacceptable
  • No “Floating Pole” or “Bagging Waggler”
  • No keep nets – Agreed matches only. Separate silver and carp nets preferred. 6 hour match maximum.
  • Landing nets – Must be used on all fish over 4oz. No exceptions. No swinging fish in. All anglers must have a landing net
  • Children under 16 must be accompanied with an adult
  • Spectators – Partners allowed free of charge. Other spectators £5 per person. No large groups
  • No night fishing – All anglers to pack up an hour before dark without exception
  • Cars must be left on the car park at all times.
  • Litter louts will be banned. Please leave facility clean and tidy. Members are responsible for the litter in their peg
  • Dogs must be kept on a lead at all times
  • Thieves will be prosecuted.
  • Stock Pool is Float Only every day of the year
  • Membership covers – Match Pool, Farmer Jack, Moon Pool, Stock Pond, Snake, Moby Dick, Mickey Mouse & Figure of 8. Not Major Bill
  • Membership expiry 31st March 2013 – 1st April annually for renewing thereafter
  • Docklow Pools reserves the right to withdraw a membership should rules be broken
  • Matches/Knock Ups: – Clubs breaking rules such as litter, bad language and bait bans will lose their roll over booking. Separate silver and carp nets preferred. 6 hour match maximum so the fish can be returned as quickly as possible. Use weighing mates where possible, please don’t tip fish onto a hard surface.

Major Bill

Private lake for Major Bill members & double rod permit residents only. Syndicate members other than Major Bill members not permitted on this lake.

  • Must be 18yrs or over.
  • No guests.
  • No fixed bolt rigs.
  • No match tackle i.e. poles, match rods etc. Minimum 10lb line.
  • No quicksilver braids, sacks or nets. Hook length to be less than the main line. No lead core. Bivvies’ should be attended at all times.
  • Max 5 days bivvied up in the same peg.
  • No reserving pegs.
  • No Ground bait
  • No Live baiting
  • No Feeders of any description allowed
  • Anyone caught removing or transferring fish will be banned.
  • Coated braided hook lengths are allowed on the major bill, strength of hook length must be less than the strength of mono main line i.e. no braided main line.
  • Sessions of more than 4 consecutive nights must be booked in advance with at least 4 week’s notice. Would hate to turn you away! No real issues in off peak season, but pool is busy with residents during the summer. Email or phone office to book
  • Major Bill anglers must use a minimum 42” landing net without exception
  • Unhooking mats – Must be large enough to deal with big Cat fish, and preferably of the poly ball variety.
  • Major Bill membership covers you for a maximum of 3 rods total. No 4th rods with immediate effect. Two or three rod rule, if someone is in the next peg, please use a bit of consideration
  • Car must be parked on the car park.
  • No setting up after dark. For obvious reasons cars must not leave the fishery during darkness.
  • There is no retainer available for the Major Bill. Drop out = start again
  • There are just 40 members of the Major Bill and a waiting list does exist for new potential members who are known and regular customers to Docklow Pools
  • Major Bill Members ask Simon or Rob for details on work parties
  • A Winter Major Bill membership is made available for £100 from 1st October to 30th April, for anglers to fish the Major Bill in the quieter months of the year
  • Docklow Pools reserves the right to withdraw membership if rules are broken

River Rules and Information

Available for Members and/or residents – No day Tickets or Matches

  • Rivers Only membership runs from June 16th until March 14th
  • River Extension to full members expires with pool membership as in March 31st 2013. Renew then.
  • River Only members covers rivers only. No pools
  • Barbless hooks on the rivers
  • Our Four Stretches of River are; Two on the River Teme and Two on the River Wye.
  • All anglers to book in with tackle shop first 01568760544
  • Any issues with non- members please report to Docklow immediately and in the event of illegal fishing issues report direct to the Environment Agency Tel: 0800 80 70 60
  • Please respect our relationship with all the land owners we work with. Following footpaths, not getting stuck stupidly, and closing gates etc, common sense things. We don’t want problem makers in our membership
  • Take your litter home with you.
  • Our river stretch boundaries are clearly marked
  • No reserving pegs
  • No keep nets – however please take care returning “exhausted fish” such as Grayling and Barbel to the river quickly
  • Members may take one guest on the river providing there is space. Must purchase a day ticket at the tackle shop before fishing.
  • Docklow Pools reserves the right to withdraw membership if rules are broken
  • River Wye
  • Rotherwas Chapel stretch. Park in car park by the Chapel. This is a Private car park for Docklow anglers only. Any other cars in there please report to Jonathan asap
  • Lulham 1000 yard stretch, is exactly 1 mile from the Bridge Sollars bridge to the bungalow on the left hand side. Follow boundary of the field to the salmon hut
  • River Teme
  • Two stretches together, totally over a mile of a untouched and mostly unfished country river. Just south of Tenbury Wells.
  • Can be tricky in certain parts to fish
  • Docklow team clears ten or so pegs in June to fish near car park