We are asked a lot of the time are there any matches on certain lakes?

Firstly to confirm the following pools are day ticket only and will NOT have matches on them:

  • Moby Dick
  • Mickey Mouse
  • Figure of Eight

The Major Bill is of course private as its a specimen lake.

The Tench pool is a pleasure pool only so no matches (Members and residents pool only)

That leaves the Match, Farmer Jack, Snake and Stock Pool – Its important to remind we’re not a big match fishery, our guests are the most important thing so we try and keep the waters as free as possible.

Our members matches are every 2nd Saturday of the month, and we no longer take “new” club bookings in season on any day other than a Saturday. We will always honour our existing customers. A Saturday is normally a quieter day on the lakes as its change over day for holiday makers.

The Snake (Saturdays – yet only handful of pegs used) and Stock Pool (Sunday Open match) are used once a week. The Farmer Jack is used on a Thursday for an Open Match 12 months a year. Otherwise the Match & Jack are mostly used at the weekends and rarely apart from Resident matches are used in the week summer time.

In the winter there is a Knock Up every Saturday and Sunday. Draw at 9am. Any questions please ask on 01568760544 Tackle shop. Please remember Syndicate Matches are every 2nd Saturday of the month. Refer to Members booklet for details

For new match bookings – We aren’t taking any new bookings in the summer on Sundays as this is a key day for residents to enjoy and we dont want pools tied up. So new bookings, if agreed would be Saturday only. Ask for details.

Price of either Match Pool or Farmer Jack is £150

Members Matches as shown in Members booklet are in addition to below (2nd saturday of the month + Ladies, caravan & river matches)

1Thorn29thMarch2015SundayGreg HerbertFarmer Jack
2Wyvern League12thApril2015SundayDerek DaleStock Pool
3Wyvern League12thApril2015SundayDerek DaleFarmer Jack
4Pearl Lake2ndMay2015SaturdayAlan WilliamsStock Pool
5Malvern View2ndMay2015SaturdayDarryl Crawford1/2 Farmer Jack
6Steerey Norman16thMay2015SaturdayNorman SteeryFarmer Jack
7Steerey Norman16thMay2015SaturdayNorman SteeryMatch Lake
8Classic Series23rdMay2015SaturdaySimon – Tackle ShopMatch Lake
9Classic Series23rdMay2015SaturdaySimon – Tackle ShopFarmer Jack
10Classic Series30thMay2015SaturdaySimon – Tackle ShopMatch Lake
11Classic Series30thMay2015SaturdaySimon – Tackle ShopFarmer Jack
12Thorn31stMay2015SundayGreg HerbertSnake – Silvers
13Classic Series6thJune2015SaturdaySimon – Tackle ShopMatch Lake
14Classic Series6thJune2015SaturdaySimon – Tackle ShopFarmer Jack
15Classic Series20thJune2015SaturdaySimon – Tackle ShopMatch Lake
16Classic Series20thJune2015SaturdaySimon – Tackle ShopFarmer Jack
17Classic Series27thJune2015SaturdaySimon – Tackle ShopMatch Lake
18Classic Series27thJune2015SaturdaySimon – Tackle ShopFarmer Jack
19Classic Series4thJuly2015SaturdaySimon – Tackle ShopMatch Lake
20Classic Series4thJuly2015SaturdaySimon – Tackle ShopFarmer Jack
21Classic Series18thJuly2015SaturdaySimon – Tackle ShopFarmer Jack
22Classic Series18thJuly2015SaturdaySimon – Tackle ShopMatch Lake
23Darlaston AC19thJuly2015SundayBill MoggMatch Lake
24Classic Series25thJuly2015SaturdaySimon – Tackle ShopFarmer Jack
25Classic Series25thJuly2015SaturdaySimon – Tackle ShopFarmer Jack
26Danglers – Midland Red c/o First Bus26thJuly2015SundayAndy KissermanSnake – Silvers
27Classic Series1stAugust2015SaturdaySimon – Tackle ShopMatch Lake
28Classic Series1stAugust2015SaturdaySimon – Tackle ShopFarmer Jack
29Classic Series15thAugust2015SaturdaySimon – Tackle ShopMatch Lake
30Classic Series15thAugust2015SaturdaySimon – Tackle ShopFarmer Jack
31Classic Series22ndAugust2015SaturdaySimon – Tackle ShopMatch Lake
32Classic Series22ndAugust2015SaturdaySimon – Tackle ShopFarmer Jack
33Darlaston AC23rdAugust2015SundayBill MoggMatch Lake
34Button Oak29thAugust2015SaturdayAlan ThomassonMatch Lake
35Classic Series29thAugust2015SaturdaySimon – Tackle ShopStock Pool
36Classic Series29thAugust2015SaturdaySimon – Tackle ShopFarmer Jack
37Summer Hill A.C.5thSeptember2015SaturdaySteve BaughMatch Lake
38Classic Series5thSeptember2015SaturdaySimon – Tackle ShopStock Pool
39Classic Series5thSeptember2015SaturdaySimon – Tackle ShopFarmer Jack
40Summer Hill A.C.6thSeptember2015SundaySteve BaughFarmer Jack
41Classic Series19thSeptember2015SaturdaySimon – Tackle ShopMatch Lake
42Old Bear26thSeptember2015SaturdayKay ColdrickMatch Lake
43Wyvern League27thSeptember2015SundayDerek DaleFarmer Jack
44Wyvern League27thSeptember2015SundayDerek DaleMatch Lake
45Danglers – Midland Red c/o First Bus18thOctober2015SundayAndy KissermanFarmer Jack
46Ironbridge18thOctober2015SundayDannyMatch Lake
47Shubbery Ac25thOctober2015SundayMike HemmingsMatch Lake
48Thorn1stNovember2015SundayGreg HerbertStock Pool

Major Bill (as at 27th April 2015)

Major Bill availability – Max 16 pegs (pre paid & Booked)
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