The Lakes & Rivers

Lakes & Rivers


All lakes are manmade. Average 3 to 5 feet deep. Clay bottom.

  1. Farmer Jack
    1. 45 pegs. Used for occasional matches. Best for carp & some silvers
  2. Figure of Eight
    1. Relatively small lake. No matches. Great for all sorts including silvers and carp
  3. Major Bill
    1. 16 pegs but 7 acres. Private for weekly tickets only. Cats go 70lb+. Grass to 30lb. Some carp over 30lb but mostly doubles and some twenties
  4. Match Pool
    1. Most popular lake here. 30 pegs. A machine of a water. Catching in all weathers
  5. Mickey Mouse
    1. 28 pegs oldest and most beautiful lake, been around since 1972. Stocked with everything.
  6. Moby Dick
    1. Original doubles lake. 30 pegs. Similar to Mickey Mouse. Carp to 25lb but heavily stocked with quality silvers
  7. Railway Lake
    1. Used for caravan residents and guests in new lodges
  8. River Lugg
    1. New addition to 2016. Ideal for grayling style fishing. Private stretch
  9. River Teme
    1. Speight wild river. Two mile stretch. Lots of pegs but can be tricky to get to. Good parking. Barbel, chub and grayling
  10. River Wye
    1. Two stretches at Lulham & Rotherwas
    2. Brilliant piking, barbell, chub, big bream even carp options
  11. Snake/Canal
    1. Split into two. Silvers one side carp mostly on other. Designed with pole anglers at maximum 13 meters in mind
  12. Stock Pool
    1. Originally this was a stock lake in 1980. Now used for Sunday open. Heavily stocked with F1s & Ide but a few surprise lumps are about
  13. Tench Pool
    1. Tench mostly stocked from 2lb to 7lb (few rouge perch about). Hard going but rewards are there to be had.