The Lakes & Rivers

The fishing pools available here at Docklow Pools offer fantastic fishing opportunities. We are confident in our fishing facilities’ effectiveness and consistency due to a combination of both customer reviews and knowledge through experience. We have some mature fishing pools abundant in fish, which have been in operation since 1972. New pools such as the Tench Pool, opened early in 2013 also provide extra options for holidaymakers.

The fishing pools offer an excellent and reliable fishing environment with many anglers leaving with a reasonable sized bag of catch even in less than ideal conditions. All of our fantastic lakes are not only heavily stocked in with a wide variety of fish but also offer beautiful scenery for anglers who use our facilities. Trees and other vegetation surrounding the pools add to the lakeside charm and provide shelter during rainy and windy weather conditions.

Our fishing services are customer-needs focused to enhance the fishing holiday experience. Our fishing shops are open daily and sell products at very affordable prices. Most of the fishing pools have parking spaces in close proximity to minimise the walking distance while carrying the fishing gear. As a reputable company, we take ethical policies very seriously. We observe all the fishing legislations to protect the anglers and the environment.