Major Bill

  • There are no day tickets on the Major Bill. Members or Residents only
  • One of the best Catfish pools in the country
  • Our biggest lake, approx 7 acres with a large island in the middle.
  • A beautiful pool, trees all the way round with 16 large pegs. Fantastic looking and very quiet & peaceful
  • Catfish recorded over 67lbs. Plenty growing. Be unlucky to catch one in a weekly session in the summer
  • Mirrors & Common carp up to early thirties. (Stocked with 13 x 25lbs in November 2011). Lots of doubles.
  • Tremendous handsome Grass carp up to 30lbs
  • We offer a weekly ticket of £100 Monday to Friday only (Only the pool is quiet)
  • Not the easiest pool to fish in the world, but we believe the effort put will give you great results, and its what fishing should be about
  • A 100% Private pool for residents (caravaners must be members), and members. Double Rod ticket holders and over 18yrs only.
  • Night fishing available for residents and members on the Major Bill lake
  • Please see rules page for further specifics
  • There are just 40 paid up Members for the Major Bill, with a 4 year waiting list. To apply for the waiting list you must be known to us, but will manage expectations, space becoming available are few and far between.
  • Docklow Pools facebook has lots of guests photographs. Too many to show on this page…

Cheers Jonathan – 33lb Cat and 20lb Leather caught on Tuesday night. More pics to follow. in 4 days = 1x33lb Cat, 1x20lb Leather, 1 x 21lb Mirror, 1 x20lb Mirror, 3 x 18lb, 10 x 13lb – 16.8lbs, 2 x 13lb Common. Happy days! Craig Chadwick (14th June 2011)

Hi Jonathon
We had a lovely time, thank you. Photo’s attached, a 28 moggy and a 24 grass. See you again soon,
Mark & Julie (May 21st 2011)

2010’s holiday pics..

I caught this on May 1st at 10.30pm. He was 39lb bang on . He is my first Cat and i was made up, u might b able to tell that by my smile!!! – Phil Donkin (Major Bill Member)

5th May 2011 -Steve Henderson

Hi Jonathan, thanks for a brilliant week. Its been incredible! Ended up for the week with over 80 doubles! The other two lads had about the same, its been amazing. Lots of photos on facebook. Smallest fish for the week was 8lb! Cats were great but the Crap were in beautiful nick. Cant wait to come back – Steve H May 2011

Three Cats in 3 hours

Ricky Kilby – 3 cats in 3 hours.12th June 2010. 31lbs, 28lbs & 20lbs. Peg 9

Ray Turner – Major Bill lake – 25lb Grass Carp, May 2009

Steve Cook. 67lb Cat Caught 4th April 2009 – British Record which is now frozen was 62lbs