Terms & Conditions

Docklow Pools is a small family run business owned by Michael & Josephine Bozward

  1. Docklow Pools accomodation is for adults only.
    1. Which in definition means guests of 18 years +.
    2. (Under 18’s are welcome to fish with an adult on a day ticket basis but can not stay as a resident).
    3. No children under 18 years old are allowed in the cottages.
  2. Maximum party size is 6 guests
  3. We do not accept liability for any damage/injury or loss to any person of your party or any vehicle or possessions unless it is proven in court that we are responsible
    1. Thieves will be prosecuted and the Police involved
  4. Weekly holidays are Saturday to Saturday – 7 days
    1. Any other arrangement is priced under our short break scheme
  5. The named guest on the paperwork is responsible for:
    1. The conduct of their party
    2. Sharing paperwork including fishing rules with all party before arrival
    3. Any debt or damage caused by their party
    4. Outstanding accounts
  6. All holidays are to be paid in full two months before arrival
    1. There is no “Pay on the day” arrangement
    2. The two month anniversary or last day for payment is shown on your holiday confirmation.
    3. Late payments are subject to £20 late fee to cover administration chasing outstanding balance
    4. Docklow Pools supplies a reminder in holiday paperwork and provides a calendar at Christmas
    5. There is no other source of reminder. The responsibility to pay on time is with the customer.
    6. All Payments are non-refundable.
      1. However we will always try and help rebook a holiday if ample time is given so both guests and Docklow Pools do not lose out.
      2. This is subject to an admin/arrangement charge of £30
  7. Cancellations:
    1. All customers have a 7 day cancellation period from the date of the first payment received should they change their mind. Deposit returned in full.
    2. We recommend all guests to take travel insurance
    3. Holidays are non refundable should you be unable to attend
    4. Holidays cancelled less than two months before arrival may still be charged full rate if the holiday is not sold.
    5. We recommend all guests advise us immediately if they can not attend so we can assist and are fully aware of how it effects both yourself and Docklow Pools
  8. Docklow Pools reserves the right to refuse a booking
  9. Payments:
    1. A deposit is expected to be paid of £50 per person per week, minimum of £100 within seven days of the booking being made.
    2. Deposits for roll over bookings are requested in December for a final date of payment 31st January
    3. Docklow Pools accepts in way of method of payment =Debit card, Bacs online, cash or traditional cheques.
    4. A charge of 2% could be levied for Credit cards of the total of the transaction (which is what Barclaycard charge us for the priviledge of paying by credit card)
    5. There are no discounts or deals – all payments are banked
    6. All payments are subject to VAT which is included in the price – This applies to everything Docklow Pools sells – Holidays, fishing, restaurant etc
  10. Bad debts or unnecessary damage will be follow through by our solicitor
  11. Short Breaks are:
    1. Minimum 3 nights
    2. Available on 6 properties only as stated from April to October
  12. All male parties can stay in:
    1. The self catering fisherman lodges (weekly only)
    2. Farm house bed & breakfast (weekly only)
    3. A selection of two or three bedroom traditional cottages (short break & weekly options available).
    4. Premier Properties: Which the exception of Gone Fishing apartment are allocated to Couples only.
  13. Fishing Rules:
    1. We ask all anglers to read the up to date rules
    2. Its is forbidden to use ground-bait or barbed hooks
    3. Rules are in place to keep us a happy, clean business protecting our stock as it protects us.
  14. Pets:
    1. We do not allow aggressive breeds of dogs or yappy animals that may disturb the peace & quietness.
    2. To bring a dogs or cat in pet friendly properties the charge is  £30 per week paid in advance.
    3. Pets are only allowed in pet friendly properties
  15. All fishing tackle and bait must be kept in the tackle locks.
    1. Fishing equipment is not allowed in the cottages.
    2. Fishing bait must not be kept in the cottages including fridges under any circumstances
  16. Docklow is a quiet peaceful place.
    1. We ask all guests and residence to refrain from bad language across & around the pools.
    2. Also in public areas such as the bar & restaurant. We want people to have a good enjoyable time without spoiling it for others
  17. All anglers must pay for their fishing
    1. We encourage fishing to be paid in advance before arrival, so assist us with planning
    2. Single and Double Rod weekly permits include the Docklow Pools stretches of the Teme and Wye
    3. Major Bill bookings are booked and paid in advance. No payment no guarantee
    4. Day ticket covers Mickey Mouse, Moby Dick & Figures of Eight lakes only.
    5. A membership scheme is available to regular visitors
  18. Excessive cleaning and Damage:
    1. There is a strict no smoking policy in all of the properties at Docklow Pools.
    2. Do not tamper with the smoke/heat alarms
    3. We reserve the right to make a charge if this policy is ignored
    4. All damage or breakages  caused by a guest will be charged
    5. Excessive cleaning which has been caused by guests leaving a property in a standard other than they found may be charged
  19. Banned – ban applies for life
  20. We do not offer night fishing on a day ticket, camping or Touring Caravan facilities