Meet The Docklow Team

Docklow is a 100% family business, where over the years we have made many many friends. Heres a bit of background on us…

Mike Bozward – Owner


In 1972, Mike & Josie bought the farm with the intention of one day making it into a fishery. In the 70’s he commuted daily to Longbridge in Birmingham to work in the toolroom at British Leyland over 40 miles away. Upon returning home after a long day & drive he would then start again, and begin farming. “West End Farm” was a complete ruin in the 70’s so to see “Docklow” as it is now is an incredible transformation. You can occasionally find him in the bar of an evening having a relaxing pint of mild chatting with guests and friends.

Mike with Broadcaster & Celebrity Angler Keith Arthur – October 2008

Apart from food, Mike enjoys all the country sports from fishing to shooting, but loves spending time on the river banks or down by the lakes. All the thousands of trees at Docklow have been planted by him, and apparently he grows a mean cucumber!

His favourite quotation is “I don’t even own a mobile phone!…..”

Biggest fish – Has the River barbel record caught on the River Wye 12lb

Josie Bozward – Owner


Josie was born and raised locally in Worcester so it was a bit of a shock to get married and become a farmer vertually immediately.

She has many stories about how the family was raised, and how she and Mike single handly transformed an old bog and run down farm into the fishery. Whilst Mike was working in Birmingham, Josie

A self confessed fan of Billy Jo Spears, regularly on a saturday she enjoys a good jive, if she can find a partner! Always the first on the dancefloor.

All the delicious homemade desserts made in the restaurant are made by Mrs Bozward. Hope you enjoy them!



Simon Bozward


Simon is an avid Aston Villa supporter who has watched the good but mostly the bad at Villa park over the years.

He owns the tackle shop which in its self is very impressive and stocks all the leading baits and tackle. Also fancies himself as a bit of a fisherman, and has toured France, Spain and Ireland in recent years in search of big fish. Although from the tales back it sounds more social than anything else!





A very local chap, who fished here as a kid. Loved fishing, now helps run everything outdoors. Plus he checks your hooks.

Has a sweet tooth!



Joined us in 2014, after living in Cyprus for 15 years. And wow what a great job she’s doing for us.

Big animal lover….and we’re getting her in to fishing too



The eldest son, Jonathan returned to answer the phone and fixing tv areials in 2009. He officially retired from his London Private Bank duties after 20 years in London and the West Midlands, June 2008 to enjoy a different standard of living in the countryside. Or so he thought….

Although not much of an Angler now, as a teenager he finished 2nd in the Docklow Annual Cup match, losing by a few ounces, was a member of the infamous Docklow Danglers that won every match in the Herefordshire league for 2 years back in the 80’s and if that wasn’t enough won seven Residents matches consecutively before starting work in the Bank. A record that is held today….. or so he says! (Book eight weeks holiday and try and beat him?)

A supporter of United (Hereford that is) with his biggest fish, a large Barbel off the River Wye. Fishing tactics include the Daily Telegraph and an Ipod.

“Dog” Ellis


Ellis joined our fold in 2006, as a young pup. He’s the luncheon meat muncher, and is partial to 8mil cubes. He definately has a dog’s life and is always roaming the farm, making new friends and chasing wildlife.

He is named after the Aston Villa chairman Deadly Doug Ellis, so guess who’s dog he belongs to?
Rob Bufton

Is another local lad and the jack of all trades. Rob does the bar three nights a week and can be found with a chainsaw or lawn mover in hand mostly helping Simon with all the out door jobs.

He believes in supporting local football teams, so follows Arsenal and Leeds?…interesting!

He is also a keen fisherman, fishing the Major Bill on his days off. So he is one of the few Bar man in life who actually talks the truth about his fishing!



You can hear Nat’s father if your fishing on the match Pool working at his Land Rover business. After a disguished school career at the local Minster school, and obtaining a degree in History, she helps light up a bar room with her cheeky grin and smile.. She is one of super bar ladies a couple of nights a week.

(she loves this pic!)

Nat is now working for Herefordshire education in the week as her 9 to 5 role. So no more baggy jeans and hoodies for work

Nat achieved a stunning Honours degree last year from Oxford on the impact of 19th century suicide!…. Well done Nat


Joined us in the summer of 2013. The right hand of the business. Working in the office by day and running restaurant by night.

A bit of foodie on the side, which helps with great ideas.

A brilliant person to have around

Lindsay & Louise


We’ve got the whole family near enough working here now, as Lindz and Louise are sisters. Both ladies are absolutely great!…but we would say that wouldnt we!









John works in the shop Thursday through to Sunday. He is the pools guru so if you want to know what method or how its fishing, he is definately the man to ask. John is a very good angler himself, or at least that what he tells everyone. His favourite lake is the Moby Dick (which is close to his caravan!).

We have a John and a Jonathan…. so double trouble

His biggest fish is a 24lb 10oz Common Carp.

John with a nice barbel caught on our river teme stretch

A very sporty and friendly chap, who is partial to a couple of pints of Mild in the bar in the week. Just dont get him onto football, you’ll be there all night!





Neil joined us in March 2011, and we truly believe he’ll be great for us at Docklow. The feedback so far has been really refreshing and customers are coming regularly both on holiday and locally to taste his food.

Unfortunately he’s Mr Nice guy, but Jonathan are trying to harden him up!