Bullrush, Brookside & Stepping Stones Log Cabins

  • Location -Lower site adjacent to match pool
  • Type -Two double bedroom cabin
  • Style -Traditional
  • Male only parties allowed?No
  • Nearest and furthest lakes? Nearest Match pool, furthest Major Bill
  • In Season Short Break option? No
  • Pets allowed? No
  • Electric meter? No
  • Sleeps? Two couples
  • Bath or shower? Shower
  • Central heating? Yes
  • Suitable for Disabled?Yes- All one level, flat access from the back
  • Alternative choices? Wye
  • Private Tackle shed & Car Park space? Yes

Stepping-Stones Bedroom

Log Cabin 269072_2138546470810_1460602353_2371927_5193733_n

Stepping Stones-2