Fishing Accommodation & Fishing Holiday Cottages

At Docklow Pools, we offer a vast array of first class accommodation facilities to ensure you have the perfect getaway. Our high standard fishing accommodation extends from the magnificent premier properties such as the log cabins to the popular barn houses and farmhouses.

All the properties available are fully equipped to meet every customer’s necessary requirements with gas cookers, microwaves and fridges all part of some of the cottages’ furniture. Our Fishing Holiday Cottages are maintained to the highest of standards, as we believe our customers’ satisfaction comes first. The immaculate nature of the cottages and our customer-friendliness certainly justify the high demand of our holiday packages.

We are aware every customer has different tastes, which is why the fishing holiday cottages are a mixture of both traditional and modern furnishings. The mains gas facilitates the heating of our luxurious fishing holiday cottages so that you have a comfortable getaway disregarding the time of the year you book your vacation. Private parking is part of some of the holiday packages so that you do not have to worry about where to leave your means of transportation or if it is going to be safe.

You can check the availability of our fishing accommodations online since we display the vacancies on our website. For bookings, simply download a booking form to fill in and post to us at Docklow Pools. We also welcome customers on brief holidays as short as one-night stays.

Please note all fishing accomodation is adults only (including caravans)